still wondering why happily and through the dark weren’t released as singles

Fuck Louis and get off as much as you can or anal with Zayn
Threesome with Harry and Taylor OR threesome with Niall and Barbara?



Niall and Barbara for sure.

I don’t share Harry. Especially not with Tswizzle. 

Anonymously ask ‘Would you…’


i want luke to shove an oar up my ass then use me to row a boat

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"but how can you like *insert alternative rock band that ppl think is obscure* if you like One Direction?" I sit back and ponder this person’s pointed demand as they gaze witheringly at me through black thick rimmed glasses, bookmarking their page in their Bukowski novel. They had a point..How CAN one listen to and enjoy TWO DIFFERENT GENRES of MUSIC?? it’s almost as if I have a VARIETY of Tastes. That simply cannot be. I sip my kombucha and cry myself to sleep

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Ok but if you don’t think Niall and his surly Irish accent wouldn’t be the best at talking dirty to you in bed then you are very, very wrong.

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